Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tournament Time!

Pretty crazy Saturday! Some pretty big updates to the field, so here's the most recent revised version: (Some notes listed below)

1's: Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse, Duke

2's: West Virginia, Ohio St., Purdue, Kansas St.

3's: Villanova, New Mexico, Pittsburgh, Tennessee

4's: Vanderbilt, Temple, Wisconsin, Baylor

5's: Michigan St., Georgetown, Maryland, BYU

6's: Gonzaga, Xavier, Texas A&M, Butler

7's: Richmond, Clemson, Florida St., Oklahoma St.

8's: UNLV, UTEP, Missouri, Texas

9's: Wake Forest, Northern Iowa, Marquette, California

10's: Louisville, Old Dominion, Florida, Notre Dame

11's: St. Mary's, Utah St., Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech

12's: Cornell, Illinois, San Diego St., Mississippi

13's: Washington, Siena, Kent St., Murray St.

14's: Oakland, Wofford, UC-SB, Weber St.

15's: Sam Houston St., North Texas, Morgan St., Quinnipiac

16's: Winthrop, Lehigh, Stony Brook, ETSU, Jackson St.

-Baylor's sweep of Texas gets them to the 4 line.
-At this point, I think Duke is definitely the last #1 seed. Tough to find truly solid competition for it.
-Michigan St.'s best wins: Wisco, @Purdue(no Hummel), Gonzaga, and............Oakland. Yeah.
-9 seeds and down...still pathetic.

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