Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bubbles Bursting

Some teams really hurt their chances this weekend, most notably Rhode Island, Charlotte, and Arizona St. The A-10, which at one point seemed to have a chance at 6 bids, looks like a 3-4 bid league now. Cal grabbed a hold of the lead in the Pac-10 and should win it outright; it remains to be seen if that will be enough to get them a bid if needed.

The battle for the #1 seeds cleared itself up a little bit this week; it will be tough for the committee to reward Purdue a number 1 if struggles without Hummel, paving the way for Duke to seize the fourth #1. But watch out for Kansas St. down the stretch...

This is my bracket, as of today:

1's: Kansas, Syracuse, Kentucky, Duke

2's: Kansas St., Ohio St., Villanova, Purdue

3's: New Mexico, Michigan St., West Virginia, Pitt

4's: Wisconsin, Temple, Vanderbilt, Baylor

5's: Tennessee, BYU, Georgetown, Texas A&M

6's: Xavier, Gonzaga, Texas, Butler

7's: Maryland, Missouri, Richmond, Clemson

8's: Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Marquette, UNLV

9's: Northern Iowa, Oklahoma St., Cal, Louisville

10's: Old Dominion, Florida St., UTEP, Florida

11's: Connecticut, UAB, Utah St., Virginia Tech

12's: Illinois, Saint Mary's, Mississippi St., Dayton,

13's: Siena, Cornell, Kent St., Murray St.

14's: Wofford, Coastal Carolina, Oakland, Sam Houston St.

15's: UC-SB, Quinnipiac, Weber St., North Texas

16's: Lehigh, Stony Brook, Jacksonville, Morgan St., Jackson St.

Last Four In: Illinois, Saint Mary's, Mississippi St., Dayton

First Four Out: San Diego St., Notre Dame, Charlotte, Cincinnati

Next Four Out: Minnesota, USF, Ole Miss, Wichita St.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

2 and a half weeks later...

A lot of changes in the bracket! Hopefully I'll get a stock watch out on Sunday and a new bracket every Monday/Friday.

Let's get to it! (conf. champs in bold; listed in order)

1's: Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse, Purdue
2's: Duke, Kansas St., Villanova, West Virginia
3's: Ohio St., New Mexico, Michigan St., Georgetown
4's: Vanderbilt, Wisconsin, Texas, Temple
5's: Pittsburgh, BYU, Baylor, Gonzaga
6's: Tennessee, Butler, Texas A&M, Richmond
7's: Wake Forest, Xavier, Missouri, Maryland
8's: Clemson, Florida St., Oklahoma St., Georgia Tech
9's: Marquette, UNLV, Florida, UTEP
10's: California, Louisville, Northern Iowa, Illinois
11's: Connecticut, Old Dominion, UAB, Rhode Island
12's: Utah St., Virginia Tech, St. Mary's, Dayton
13's: Cornell, Siena, Murray St., Kent St.
14's: Wofford, UC-SB, Weber St., Oakland
15's: North Texas, Coastal Carolina, Sam Houston St., Robert Morris
16's: Jacksonville, Stony Brook, Morgan St., Lehigh, Jackson St.

Last Four In: Rhode Island, Virginia Tech, St. Mary's, Dayton
First Four Out: Mississippi St., San Diego St., Cincinnati, Charlotte
Next Four Out: Seton Hall, Minnesota, Arizona St., Mississippi

Monday, February 8, 2010

Inaugural Bracket Projection (2/8/10)

Welcome to Brackonomics! After 3 years of amateur bracketology, my friends and I are finally ready to make the step towards validation and start a blog. In the future we plan to offer a tournament stock watch along with this projection.

*Through games played 2/7/10

1's: Kansas, Syracuse, Kentucky, Villanova

2's: Purdue, West Virginia, Kansas St., Duke

3's: Georgetown, Wisconsin, Michigan St., Ohio St.

4's: Texas, Vanderbilt, New Mexico, Tennessee

5's: BYU, Wake Forest, Gonzaga, Pittsburgh

6's: Georgia Tech, Texas A&M, Temple, Northern Iowa

7's: Butler, Baylor, Missouri, UNLV

8's: Florida, Mississippi, Xavier, Rhode Island

9's: Richmond, Charlotte, Maryland, Cal

10's: UAB, Cornell, St. Mary's, Siena

11's: Florida St., Illinois, Clemson, Dayton

12's: Oklahoma St., Old Dominion, UTEP, Marquette

13's: Utah St., Murray St., Northeastern, Kent St.

14's: Coastal Carolina, Sam Houston St., College of Charleston, Oakland

15's: Pacific, Weber St., Morgan St., Robert Morris

16's: Lipscomb, Jackson St., Arkansas St., Stony Brook, Lehigh