Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday, Feb. 28th

Conference tournaments start tomorrow!! It's officially getting to be that time of the year. **Although I'm editing this late Monday, I'm not going to change it to reflect the few results from tonight. Just adding the bottom 4 seed lines.

1's: Ohio St., Kansas, Pitt, BYU

2's: Duke, Texas, Notre Dame, Purdue

3's: San Diego St., Louisville, Wisconsin, Syracuse

4's: Florida, Georgetown, St. John's, UNC

5's: Villanova, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, UConn

6's: West Virginia, Xavier, Texas A&M, Missouri

7's: Arizona, UCLA, UNLV, George Mason

8's: Temple, Illinois, Old Dominion, Kansas St.

9's: Tennessee, Marquette, CIncinnati, Florida St.

10's: Richmond, Georgia, Utah St., Virginia Tech

11's: Washington, Michigan St., Gonzaga, Missouri St.

12's: St. Mary's, UAB, Colorado/Alabama, Boston College/Baylor

13's: Fairfield, Belmont, Princeton, Oakland

14's: College of Charleston, Bucknell, Kent St., Vermont

15's: UW-Milwaukee, Long Island, Coastal Carolina, Northern Colorado

16's: Murray St., LBSU, McNeese St. / Beth.-Cookman, Texas So. / FAU

Last 4 In: Colorado, Baylor, Alabama, Boston College
First Four Out: Memphis, Penn St., Butler, Clemson
Next Four Out: Michigan, Colorado St., Drexel, Southern Miss

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Bracket, Revisited

After talking with one of my cohorts, I have done a little bit of re-evaluation of teams, leading to some teams moving despite no action of their own or those around you. This is most pronounced down around the bubble area, where we agreed Baylor and Butler, among others, have despicable resumes. Further notes are at the bottom.

1's: Pittsburgh, Ohio St., Duke, Kansas

2's: Texas, BYU, San Diego St., Notre Dame

3's: Purdue, Florida, Wisconsin, Louisville

4's: Georgetown, Syracuse, UConn, UNC

5's: Villanova, Texas A&M, Missouri, Vanderbilt

6's: St. John's, Arizona, Kentucky, Xavier

7's: Temple, Tennessee, UNLV, West Virginia

8's: George Mason, UCLA, Illinois, Old Dominion

9's: Florida St., Cincinnati, Marquette, Kansas St.

10's: Georgia, Washington, Michigan St., Utah St.

11's: Memphis, Richmond, Alabama, Virginia Tech

12's: Gonzaga, Harvard, Nebraska / St. Mary's, Minnesota / Boston College

13's: Belmont, Missouri St., Oakland, Kent St.

14's: Fairfield, College of Charleston, Bucknell, UW-Milwaukee

15's: Coastal Carolina, Murray St., Vermont, Long Island

16's: LBSU, Montana, McNeese St. / FAU, Bethune-Cookman / Texas So.

Last Four In: Nebraska, St. Mary's, Minnesota, Boston College
First Four Out: UAB, Butler, Colorado St., Penn St.
Next Four Out: Wichita St., Southern Miss, Baylor, Maryland

-Very torn about the order of Kansas and Texas. The Longhorns leading the conference helps their argument, but I think the unbalanced schedule has partially contributed to that and Kansas has two less losses (none as bad as Texas getting spanked at USC).
-The last 7 bids were difficult to decide on (I feel pretty good about the first 30 being correct right now).
-The 8/9 lines are fairly weak, in my opinion, but there's no one else to put there.
-I would lean towards Memphis still making it if they were an at-large candidate right now.
-UWM as the Horizon bid definitely changes things. I'd be surprised if they won the auto-bid though, despite hosting the tournament.
-The bottom seeds will most likely shake out much clearer after there are a few conference tournament surprises down there.

Monday, February 21, 2011

So It's Been A While (Feb. 21, 2011)

It's almost March again! Here's my first projection of the year.

1's: Pitt, Ohio St., Kansas, Duke
2's: Texas, San Diego St., BYU, Purdue
3's: Notre Dame, Georgetown, Wisconsin, Florida
4's: Villanova, Vanderbilt, Arizona, Louisville
5's: North Carolina ,Texas A&M, UConn, Syracuse
6's: Xavier, Missouri, Kentucky, St. John's
7's: Temple, West Virginia, Florida St., George Mason
8's: Tennessee, Old Dominion, UNLV, UCLA
9's: Georgia, Cincinnati, Utah St., Kansas St.
10's: Marquette, Washington, Illinois, Richmond
11's: Michigan St., Boston College, Memphis, VCU / Baylor
12's: Alabama / Gonzaga, Missouri St., UTEP, Harvard
13's: St. Mary's, Cleveland St., Fairfield, Belmont
14's: Oakland, Coastal Carolina, Long Island, Murray St.
15's: Kent St., Vermont, Bucknell, College of Charleston
16's: LBSU, Florida Atlantic, Texas South. / Montana , McNeese St. / Beth.-Cookman

Last Four In: VCU, Baylor, Alabama, Gonzaga
First Four Out: Butler, Minnesota, Virginia Tech, Colorado St.
Next Four Out: Clemson, Michigan, Colorado, Maryland