Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Best Day of Championship Week Tomorrow

Well, today I guess. Games all day, with most conferences getting going on quarterfinals and a couple championships to be decided as well. Pitt-UConn to start the day and Marquette-Louisville to end it? Why yes, I'd love that offering.

-After last year when the committee gave a 1 to Duke over what I thought was a more deserving West Virginia team, I'm going to keep them ahead of Notre Dame for now, obviously pending both teams' conference tournament results.
-Hopefully a reliable Chris Wright injury report will come out, because right now I have almost no clue on where to slot them. Phenomenal overall resume, but absolutely putrid (0-4 with miserable offensive numbers) since his injury. Just not a good team without him (although the losses have been to good Big East teams - Cincy 2x, Syracuse, UConn)
-Speaking of sinking teams, ready to wear those dark colored jerseys, Villanova?
-Very excited for the results of the bubble games this week, including tomorrow's games involving Colorado, Georgia, BC, Michigan St., Memphis, Colorado St., Penn St., Virginia Tech, and even USC.

1's: Ohio St., Kansas, Pittsburgh, Duke

2's: Notre Dame, Texas, North Carolina, Purdue

3's: BYU, San Diego St., Florida, Syracuse

4's: Wisconsin, Louisville, Kentucky, St. John's

5's: UConn, Xavier, Vanderbilt, West Virginia

6's: Arizona, Kansas St., Temple, UNLV

7's: Cincinnati, Georgetown, Texas A&M, Missouri

8's: Old Dominion, Florida St., Tennessee, UCLA

9's: Utah St., George Mason, Illinois, Washington

10's: Marquette, Villanova, Georgia, Butler

11's: Michigan St., Gonzaga, Michigan, Richmond

12's: Virginia Tech, UAB, Boston College / St. Mary's, VCU / Colorado

13's: Oakland, Belmont, Harvard, Indiana St.

14's: Bucknell, Kent St., Long Island, Long Beach St.

15's: Morehead St., Wofford, St. Peter's, Boston University

16's: No. Colorado, UNC-Asheville, Texas So. / AK-LR, McNeese St. / Bethune-Cookman

Last 4 In: BC, St. Mary's, VCU, Colorado
First 4 Out: Clemson, Penn St., Alabama, Missouri St.
Next 4 Out: Memphis, USC, Colorado St., ................

I honestly couldn't find another team I felt was worth considering. Maybe New Mexico? Southern Miss? Nebraska? Not gonna happen

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